Chemical Peels

Planning Your New Skin

What To Expect & What You Get From A Glo Skin Beauty Peel Series


It took time to get into your current skin condition, therefore, expect it to take time to correct – 6-8 weeks and 6 treatments. While you will see results with each treatment, it will take 6-8 weeks or more to complete the treatments and even longer for your full results to be realized. The length of time depends on your schedule, how your skin responds and how aggressive you are willing to be.


We will accomplish many successes together including:


• exfoliating dead skin cells, 

• resurfacing fine lines and wrinkles, 

• stimulating collagen production to strengthen & rebuild skin, 

• regulating oil production,

• lightening discoloration, 

• brightening overall appearance,  

• preventing future melanin production, and

• restoring the youth you feel inside on the outside.

Consultation and Pre Chemical Peel Skincare


• During your consultation we will discuss your skin history, condition and goals .  You will fill out a confidential questionnaire . When you commit to the series of peels we will  start immediately with an enzyme exfoliation and give you products to start using daily at home. These products will prepare your skin for your next treatment by increasing product penetration and inhibiting melanin production so no further discoloration occurs.


• We would like to take before, during and after photographs to monitor your progress. Only with your written consent will we share these with Glo Skin Beauty.  

Pre Chemical Exfoliation Skin Care


To prepare your skin for maximum results from your treatment many things must happen. The first of which is our mutual commitment to achieving your skincare goals.


• At your consultation appointment, you will start your treatment protocol with an enzyme exfoliation. This will remove dead skin cells and purify the skin.


• Use the products provided for the next week preparing your skin for a stronger treatment next week. These products will allow for better product penetration during the chemical peels, inhibit melanin production so that no further discoloration occurs, and help condition  your skin for these treatments.


• Wear sunscreen daily, preferably a physical, powder form.


Glo Skin Beauty Chemical Peel Series Cost & Appointments


This series includes 3 chemical peels.

Appointments will take approximately 30 minutes each.

The cost of the series is $210


At your second appointment, you will need to purchase the appropriate serum(s) to obtain the maximum benefits from the peel.


All Glo Skin Beauty peel series will be customized to meet the needs of each individual client.